Buy some crap

Here’s where you can waste your money on some Deckchairs stuff. We have CDs and T Shirts (and now hats) available, all of which will make you very attractive and a better person

No Refund CD (2014)

£5.99 + postage

No Refund T Shit

Some sizes now sold out
£8 + postage


TV Xmas CD single£3.99 + postage

Up Yours CD (2018)
Only £10 + postage

Up Yours T Shit

(modelled here by the lovely Rat Boy)
£10 + postage


Up Yours CD + T Shit£15! WOW!
Deckchairs Beany hat£10 + postage

Everything, in a bucket£25. That's the No Refund CD + T and the Up Yours CD + T plus the TV Xmas single. BARGAIN